Michael Scimeca

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Forward Healing - Michael Scimeca

The five stages of the Forward Healing Process offers people a simple yet highly effective road map for discovering their greater selves.


About Greaterness - Michael Scimeca

Dr. Michael talks about the role neuroplasticity plays in the practice of Greaterness.


Thriveapeutics vs. the Bio-Medical Model - Michael Scimeca

A nice summary regarding the bio-medical model and how thriveapeutics answers the call for meeting the needs of unique individuals who are looking for more.


The Human Toolbox - Michael Scimeca

Is there only one you? What if you discover that you have multiple versions of yourself and that different those different versions of you actually run your life?


Successions - Michael Scimeca

An introduction into the world of Successions and the Successions Seven, the hierarchy of "success-sessions."


Moving in a Positive Direction (The Plus-Cebo) - Michael Scimeca

A conversation that touches on the idea that moving in a positive direction is a game-changing shift in focus.


Rock Climbing Analogy - Michael Scimeca

The journey makes the rest sweeter and the rest makes the journey strong. THis is the video that helps you make peace with all of your seasons, whether active or inactive.


The Coffee Cup Analogy - Michael Scimeca

Do you strive to change your environments to suit you? Or do you allow environments to do what they do to help you grow in the directions where your growth will be more efficient?


Meaningful Funnel - Michael Scimeca

What is your ultimate goal? To make a true, lasting, positive impact, you want to live a life of congruency. The meaningful funnel helps you live more in agreement with your ultimate goals.


Successions Seven Interview - Michael Scimeca

Dr. Michael's radio interview where he explains Successions.



The ultimate goal for me is to work with you ... so please call when you are ready for a great and wondrous exploration ... into the world that is you, that is your greater, emerging you. That's the adventure!