Michael Scimeca

The Artist Lives

Dr. Michael is a musician, singer, and songwriter. After having written hundreds of songs, he took his passion for creating and channelled it into developing powerfully effective systems for personal and professional development.

A few years ago, he returned to the entertainment field through acting to encourage his own neuroplasticity and continuous developments. Surprisingly, he did fairly well, making a nice name for himself within the Independent Movie field. Today, his acting talents remain in demand, although he has become increasingly selective regarding the projects he is willing to accept, choosing instead to focus on the building of successful relationships with people of various backgrounds and strengths.

He believes strongly in contributing to environments where people are genuinely interested in excellence and being kind, considerate, supportive, and caring. He feels it is one of his greatest responsibilities as a loving husband, a role-modeling father, and a valuable resource for the many people who choose to enjoy the many benefits of his services.