Michael Scimeca

The Game-Changing Initial Session

Call 770-912-9197 to schedule your first session. (It will last an hour.) The results you enjoy can be as easy as making that phone call. Everything else that follows becomes part of the organic process. If you are looking to stimulate positive momentum in your life, this is a fabulous opportunity for you, one that is both fruitful and easy.

Where is the Office?

Living Well Education is located at 1182 Grimes Bridge Road, Suite 400, Roswell, GA 30075. If for any reason you are unable to meet in person, phone and video sessions are also available.

What Can I Expect?

The approach will be new. That alone increases the probability of getting greater results. Because no two people are the same, there is no way to know what approach will work best for you. It WILL be an adventure and a process. If you come with an openness for growth and a willingness to learn, you will more likely enjoy impressive results.

What Else Do I Need to Do?

If after reading everything, you are not inspired to call and make an appointment, this approach will most likely have little benefit for you. If, however, you are encouraged by exploring something new, powerful, and meaningful, make the call (770-912-9197) and get the ball rolling!