Michael Scimeca

Greaterness Facilitator

"Dr. Michael" began serving people in 1993 as a chiropractor. Today, he has become a most sought after resource, helping people take thier health and their lives to greater and greater levels.

His talents are unmatched. When you work with him, he becomes a member of YOUR success team, not the other way around.


Dr. Michael uses a brain-based approach in supporting your ability to develop. Neuroplasticity is simply the understanding that the brain can continue to form newer pathways. The focus on greaterness, for example, becomes a fabulous breeding ground for you in achieving higher levels of excellence in the areas of your choosing.


The use of mindfulness has grown considerably over the last few years, mainly due to its effectiveness in helping people promote their optimal functionality. By applying the tools of mindfulness, you can excel in areas where you have little to no control. Most notably, you will enjoy the shift in going from "patient" to "participant" regarding your overall success, especially in the areas of your happiness and wellbeing.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Your ability to keep your wits about you is tremendously valuable both personally and professionally. Equanimity involves a level-headedness that helps you make better choices in moving forward with your life.

Dr. Michael offers tools for your consideration to help you enhance your Emotional Intelligence. For example, he has created a "condition" called Multiple Truths Syndrome (MTS) with the hopes that by working with him, you too will be "afflicted" and will be able to see things from different perspectives, from many truths, NOT merely representing one of those truths or maintaining one perspective. (Many of us have times when we entertain truths or perspectives that bring us great pain and upset. MTS helps us move beyond that.)

Regarding Business

For a business to grow, the people making up that business need to grow. Each individual has the capacity to develop along many paths, but what ONE factor is fundamentally essential for growth? His or her brain needs healthy stimuli designed specifically to enhance plasticity (brain function) to maximize potential. For that reason, Dr. Michael uses a multidisciplinary approach to address neuroplasticity.

Feel free to explore some of his services:

My Greaterness

Dr. Michael has a blog that offers some free resources. They may be of interest to you. He also participates in acting and music to increase his creative expressions. Feel free to explore them as well, especially if it will help you feel more comfortable in working with him in the future.