Michael Scimeca

Welcome to a New Approach

"Dr. Michael" began devolping his powerfully effective system in 1993 working as a chiropractor. Today, he has become a most sought after resource, helping people take thier health and their lives to greater and greater levels. His talents are unmatched. When you work with him, he functions as a member of YOUR success team, not the other way around.


Dr. Michael uses a brain-based approach in supporting your ability to make impressive changes easily and most effectively. Neuroplasticity is simply the understanding that the brain can continue to form newer pathways. The focus on "greaterness," for example, becomes a fabulous breeding ground for you in achieving higher levels of excellence in the areas of your choosing.


The use of mindfulness has grown considerably over the last few years, mainly due to its effectiveness in helping people promote their optimal functionality. By applying the tools of mindfulness, you can excel in areas where you have little to no control. Most notably, you will enjoy the shift in going from "patient" to "participant" regarding your overall success, especially in the areas of your ultimate happiness and wellbeing.

What Exactly Does He Do?

He assesses your situation and applies the most effective approaches for you, for the expression of your greaterness, your ability to live with more plasticity (flexibility) of body AND mind. He directly address both mind and body so that one will not compete with the other. To increase the body's ability to self-regulate at higher and higher levels, for example, the nervous system (neurology/body) must be able to handle the variability necessary for maintaining it. The opposite is also true. As you grow in awareness with a greater understanding of your role and participation regarding your own emergence, your body structure needs to be able to shift in full cooperation with your newer insights. If the body is less flexible (less plastic), your ability to integrate, embody, and express your new found awareness will be more difficult.

Regarding His Specific Approaches

To learn more about his work, feel free to explore the links below. Greaterness Coaching involves education where dialoguing is utilized to support making great changes. Its effectiveness stems from focusing on the enhancement of neuroplasticity (brain states) by applying different "archetypes" that promote growth and development.

Catalyst is his unique body work approach that enhances functionality by training the body neurologically to function more peacefully and optimally. It is a solution-based approach that is very empwering and effective for the people who receive it.

Here are some links that explain more:

My Greaterness

Dr. Michael has a very supportive blog (MyGreaterness.com) that offers a tremendous amount of free resources, including many insightful, educational videos, which may very well be of great interest to you. Feel free to explore his blog and/or the websites listed above, ask questions, or ignore it all. Whatever works best for you.