Michael Scimeca

Tapping the Power of Passion & Purpose

Welcome to the website of Michael Scimeca. "Dr. Michael" is an empowering thought leader who has been serving people for over 20 years, helping them discover their own recipes for greater success.

He is the President of Living Well Education, a company that partners with forward-thinking individuals eager to better themselves and their organizations through an impressive use of passion and purpose.

Here are a few areas in which he excels professionally:

Brain-Based Practices

The brain can continue to form new pathways throughout our lifetime. Through a deep respect for the power and influence of neuroplasticity, Dr. Michael encourages making continuous improvements every day ... and in every way conceivable. He also manages a website filled with important information regarding Brain-Based Learning for Children.

For a business to grow, for example, the people making up that business must grow. Exploring this idea more deeply... Any one individual has the capacity to grow. But what is fundamentally essential? His or her brain needs stimuli designed specifically to enhance plasticity and maximize potential.