Michael Scimeca

Greaterness Facilitator

Welcome to the website of Michael Scimeca, a resource to help you take your life to newer and newer levels.

"Dr. Michael" began serving people inspiringly well in 1993, originally as a chiropractor and now additional as a Catalyst and Greaterness Facilitator..

His talents are unmatched in that they are both extremely unique and highly supportive. When you work with him, he becomes a member of YOUR success team, not the other way around.


The brain can continue to form newer pathways throughout your lifetime. Fortunately, Dr. Michael uses a brain-based approach in supporting your ability as a lifelong learner, a.k.a. lifelong developer. The focus on greaterness is about you achieving greater and greater levels of excellence in the many areas of your choosing.


The use of mindfulness has grown greatly over the last few years, mostly due to its effectiveness in helping people like yourself gain control over events where you have little to no control. Dr. Michael emphasizes the mindfulness for helping you shift from being a patient to being a more active participant in your overall happiness and wellbeing.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Your ability to keep your wits about you is tremendously valuable both personally and professionally. Equanimity involves a level-headedness that helps you make better choices in moving forward with your life. Dr. Michael presents a multitude of supportive ideas and concepts for your consideration to help you enhance your EQ. For example, he single-handedly created the "condition" called Multiple Truths Syndrome (MTS) in hopes that in working with him, you too will be "afflicted" and be able to see things from many perspectives, many truths, NOT represnting merely one of those truths.

Other Resources

For a business to grow, the people making up that business need to grow. Yes, any one individual has the capacity to develop along many paths, but what ONE factor is fundamentally essential? His or her brain needs healthy stimuli designed specifically to enhance plasticity (brain function) and maximize potential. For that reason, Dr. Michael offers you ALL of his services, all provided to support and your greater and greater levels of expression.

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